Growing Wild

Growing Wild Jameson Smith, Director; Mark Fleming, Producer; Kevin Fletcher Sennett, Director of Photography

Justin Day

Justin Day, 2023 Honoree Justin Day is recognized for his remarkable contributions as a wild blueberry farmer, dedicated public servant, and esteemed member of the Cooper community. Following military service, […]

Visit Downeast Maine

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The Woodworth preserve

Off the beaten path, the Woodworth Preserve features lush evergreen forests and picturesque coastal scenery in the heart of Pleasant Bay.

Down East Sunrise Trail

From Ellsworth to Calais, the Down East Sunrise Trail offers some of Maine’s best natural beauty!

Maine Coast Sardine History Museum

Local Museums Ruggles House Historic Home Museum Location:146 Main St, Columbia Falls, ME 04623 Hours:Tuesday – Thursday 11-3 Phone #:(207) 483-4637 Maine Coast Sardine History Museum Location:34 Mason Bay Rd, […]

Gates House

Visit this historic house in Machiasport for a look into the past

Wild Blueberry Cheesecake

Love Cheesecake? Try this delicious wild blueberry version and make even dessert into a healthy treat.

Blue Lifestyle

Blue Lifestyle Filmed by James Austin, Sam Woodward, and Jacob Hougham Edited by Seth Christman and Matthew Carlson

Burke Hill Farm

Fresh Blueberries At Burke Hill Farm Filmed by Jason Dignan

Wild Blueberry Land

Wild Blueberry Land Filmed by Jim Burby and Dojia Wang

Blueberry Country

Blueberry Country Filmed by Jessica Huff

Burke Hill Farms

Burke Hill Farms Filmed by Niki Oakes


One benefit of university research has been the growing awareness of the scientifically verified health benefits of wild blueberries.


The University of Maine has been involved in blueberry research since 1898, but it was not until the 1940’s that they purchased a farm specifically for blueberry research.


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