• Kaysie LoganProgram Director – Kaysie serves with the Wild Blueberry Heritage Center to build capacity and sustainability within the organization through increased consumer education and community relationships. She received a B.A. in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin, with a focus on social entrepreneurship and nonprofit administration. Her passions include supporting food justice and environmental conservation.


  • Dr. Joline Blais, President – Professor of New Media, University of Maine at Orono; resides in Camden, ME
  • Jeffrey Lovit, Treasurer – retired Washington County Attorney, SCORE volunteer; resides in Addison, ME
  • Marie Emerson, Member – grower and small processor, member of the Wild Blueberry Commission, former Food, Nutrition, and Hospitality department chair at WCCC; resides in Addison, ME
  • Dennis Wint, Member – Former Franklin Institute President; resides in Southwest Harbor, ME
  • Dr. John Gaddis, Member – Family Medicine Specialist, wild blueberry grower; resides in East Machias, ME
  • Lee Umphrey, Member – President & CEO, Eastern Maine Development Corporation; resides in Bangor, ME
  • David Ellis, Member – Former President and Director at Museum of Science, Boston; resides in Newmarket, NH
  • Dwayne Tomah of the Passamaquoddy Nation , and Director of the Sipayik Museum.
  • Brian Francis,  TV and film producer from the Mi’kmaq Nation in New Brunswick


  • Del Emerson – Farmer, researcher, processor; resides in Addison, ME
  • Alice Grindle – Supervisor for FEDCAP “power of possibility”
  • Joe Cassidy – President of Southern Maine Community College
  • Robert Hammond – President Emeritus of Maine Farm Bureau, Wild Blueberry Grower
  • Corey Hammond – Chairman Wild Blueberry Fresh Pack and Value Added Committee, Forrester and Farmer
  • Barbara Fox – SCORE Advisor and BOD Seal Cove Auto Museum
  • David Yarborough – UMaine Extension Blueberry Specialist, Professor Emeritus of Horticulture
  • Jamie Moreira – UMaine Professor of Anthropology, Former Director of Maine Folklife Center
  • Forrest Maffei – Chef, musician, maker value-added products; resides in Cooper, ME
  • Jill Ouelette – Postmaster, volunteer and supporter
  • Dave Stess – Wild Blueberry Industry Photojournalist; resides in New York City, NY
  • Jill Heymen – Volunteer & Resident Artist
  • Brian Giles – Passamaquoddy School Educator, Permaculturist
  • Ashley Duggan – Volunteer UI Designer, Idexx UX/UI Designer
  • Eli Farnham – Volunteer and Technical Advisor, Fisherman


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