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Tell us your story!

Are you a farmer with years of experience and stories to tell? Are you someone who raked blueberries as a child? Did someone in your family work with wild blueberries? Have you heard any ghost stories about the barrens? How have blueberries been part of your wild side?

Everyone has a Wild Blueberry story and we would love to hear about your own wild tales! Your stories matter to us and we want to share them with the Maine community.  If you send us your stories,  we will be happy to feature them on our website, social media or physical museum, depending on your preference.

How To Submit Your Story

To submit a brief story, you can simply fill out the contact form on this page adding your story in the Message section. If you have a longer story, we’d be happy to help you tell it in a form that makes sense to you.  Just let us know in the Message section, and adding your name, and a phone number or an email where we can reach you.  We will return your email as soon as possible.

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